AHS season 10 could be Sarah Paulson’s last

Throughout ten seasons on the air, screenwriter and television producer Ryan Murphy has presented through “American Horror Story” a metaverse in which each season, while telling a different story, has some references to its past deliveries, as well as a cast of regular performers in each of their stories.

Since her inception in 2011 with “Murder House,” Sarah Paulson has been a major piece in the development of this horror anthology, appearing in all of its seasons except “1984,” its ninth season.

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After a full year of delay, FX has finally started airing “Double Feature,” a season in which he plays two different characters (something he would have repeated in Season 6, “Roanoke”). However, everything seems to indicate that the actress has already reached the home stretch of her artistic collaboration with Murphy.

In a conversation with Us, Sarah Paulson said that, for the first time in many years, she wasn’t sure what her next project with Murphy would be, admitting that it would likely be her last season on “American Horror Story.”

I want to say. I do not know. Whenever he comes up with a really wacky character, I tend to say, “Yeah, let’s go! ” Then I do not know. It’s the first time. So we’ll see.

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The collaboration between Sarah Paulson and Ryan Murphy dates back to 2004 with the drama “Nip / Tuck”. Since the start of “American Horror Story”, she has also appeared on her show “Feud: Bette and Joan”, as well as in “Ratched”, the prequel spin-off of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, as well as to count on appearances in the second and third seasons of “American Crime Story”.

Despite the fact that her career has developed mainly in television, Sarah Paulson enjoys great visibility with the public and critics for her versatility in choosing her roles. With over 15 years of collaborating on Murphy’s projects, the actress may be looking to collaborate with new filmmakers.

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