Aka rapper dead shooting, AKA has been shot died – whats happened

Released two weeks ago, AKA’s comeback single “Lemons” was an instant hit. It didn’t take long for rapper AKA to agree to play parts of his Mass Country album. He longs for the world to hear it too; they should.

AKA twirls and dances merrily in his chair as his upcoming album Mass Country plays blaring from the studio speakers. We’re at the Sony Music Entertainment Africa offices in Johannesburg, and the 34-year-old rap star’s excitement and confidence with these songs is palpable. Many of them are only half done.

He turned away from the studio monitors and started singing one of his favorite tunes, clapping wildly and waving his hands in the air. As we moved from interview to listening, AKA had a big smile on her face – like a kid in a candy store. “It has a ‘Fela In Versace’ feel to it,” he said, referring to his 2018 single with Nigerian Afrobeats star Kiddominant, which remains the most successful single of his career.

The music is full, complex and melodic. Just like the old AKA. There are tons of dance samples, maskandi and country styles everywhere; and above all a great atmosphere.

I can hardly blame him for being so excited. Not only did the album sound great, but the comeback single “Lemons,” released two weeks ago, was an instant hit. This comes after a long period of inconsistent musical performances and considerable personal and professional turmoil. Currently, “Lemons” is competing with KO’s record-breaking single “Sete” to top most of the major local charts.

After long being a dominant figure in South African hip-hop and local music, AKA has been a shell of itself since 2018’s stellar third studio album, Touch My Blood. Meanwhile, he released the polarizing “FREE” with DJ Tira and the late Riky Rick, two lukewarm and somewhat sloppy projects and some forgettable singles.

He’s also been through the heartbreak of losing his fiancée, Anele Tembe, and has had some bumps in his business ventures with Cruz Vodka, The Braai Show, and Reebok. Still, AKA fired at full speed again and said to “Lemons”: “Now I’m stronger”

So what got AKA through its dark days? “I think the love of music is the most important thing,” he said. “I really love what I do. I love sound, I love creating new sounds, I know it’s cheesy to say that, but if I didn’t love music as much as I love music, then I wouldn’t really be here .. the music is inside me and I consume it about 18 hours a day just listening to crap. God, family and music to get through dark times.”

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