Amy Adams promises more music and dance in “Enchanted” sequel

After doing a few performances that drew public and critical attention, in 2007 Oscar nominee Amy Adams gained international notoriety for her role in “Enchanted,” a Walt Disney Pictures film in which , following a formula similar to that of romantic comedies, it presented a deconstruction of the magic and princess cinema produced by the house of the mouse.

Under the direction of Kevin Lima with music by legendary composer Alan Menken, Adams took on the role of Giselle, a young woman from the bustling kingdom of Andalasia, who for strange reasons is now in New York, crossing the path of style. of people’s lives in the real world.

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With a cast complemented by Susan Sarandon, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel and James Mardsen, the film was very well received by audiences and critics, earning three Oscar nominations for Alan Menken’s musical work in the category “Best. original song ”.

Adams will return to the role of Giselle with “Disenchanted”, a sequel produced exclusively for the Disney + catalog in which she will reunite with Menzel, and Dempsey, with the arrival of Maya Rusolph from “Saturday Night Live” as a new antagonist. of history, preparing for its arrival in the course of 2022.

During her recent appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, Amy Adams shared details about the highly anticipated sequel. The actress noted that fans of the original can expect to see more song and dance footage compared to the original, describing the shoot as a humbling experience.

“The last time I really needed to dance the same way I did here, I was in my twenties and now I’m not. It’s different when you’re in your 40s. In my heart I feel like I’m in my twenties when I dance and then I watch the replay and I’m like ‘Wow, that’s not the same,’ ”Adams noted.

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Amy Adams has not revealed more details on the story of “Disenchanted”, although there is no doubt that, being a film in which Menken will once again be behind its music section, fans of this story will be able to enjoy. catchy new tunes in the old school vein of Walt Disney Pictures.

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