Evangelion fan? You can’t miss this Asuka cosplay

If we talk about cult series both in Japan and in the rest of the world, You can’t miss the Neon Genesis Evangelion talk. Both this first anime and the rest of the franchise have penetrated in a very important way in society. So much so that in Japan They already allow marrying multiple nods to the series, and the anime appeared in a British university trivia contest.

At the beginning of Neon Genesis Evangelion we meet two of its protagonists: Shinji ikari and Rei Ayanami. They are both quite calm, so the series does not “revolutionize” until the third star enters: Asuka Langley Soryu. Today I come to tell you precisely about the second girl, because I bring you a cosplay of yours.

Asuka cosplay from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Without further ado, here is the cosplay of the character in the original anime of the franchise:

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