Jack White surprises with a concert on a rooftop in London

The famous alternative rock musician surprised his fans on the afternoon of this Saturday, September 25, when he gave a surprise concert on a rooftop in the Soho district of London, England. This after celebrating the opening of their new store “Third Man Records”.

The White store is the label’s third physical outlet, in addition to being the first outside the United States, where it already has buildings in the cities of Nashville, Tennessee and Detroit, Michigan.

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Jack White stressed that the intention behind the creation of these establishments is to create a space in which physical record sales and live music are kept alive in a time so difficult for everyone, the latter in clear reference to the global pandemic by setting up this new store at 1 Marshall Street.

Hundreds of people surrounded the block when rumor began to spread that White would perform on the rooftop of the establishment, surprising his fans when he appeared there dressed in showy blue hair, preparing for playing some of his greatest hits solo. as well as some songs from his group “The White Stripes”.

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According to NME, White started off with the song “Dead Leaves On The Dirty Ground” by The White Stripes, then “Lazzaretto” and a cover of “Steady As She Goes” by The Raconters, then asked viewers to clap to the beat. drums.

“I want to play a song to all the neighbors we disturb, the neighbors we will become friends with and Damien Hirst for letting us use his balcony,” the musician said before starting to perform “We Are Gonna Be Friends” by The White Stripes, concluding with their acclaimed rock anthem “Seven Nation Army”.

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