Liu Wen Zheng died, Whats happened to artist, passed away

The belated news of the death of legendary Taiwanese singer Liu Wencheng shook the Chinese entertainment industry today (15 February).

According to media reports, in December last year, Xia Yushun, Wencheng’s former manager, felt sick one night and called Wencheng’s family. Just then, he got bad news.

According to reports, Wen Cheng died of a heart attack in Las Vegas last November. He is 70 years old. According to reports, Xia said Wencheng died a week before his birthday.

He entered the show business circle with his debut album in 1975 and quickly became a star in Taiwan as well as in China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. His hits include Late Rain in March and Soft Rain.

However, Wencheng left the showbiz and moved to the United States in 1984. Two years later, he returned to Taiwan to start a company, and trained singers such as Wu Zhixiang, Yi Nengjing, Fang Wenlin, etc., and faded out of people’s sight in 1991.

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