Sallie Prieve money girl leaked on onlyf, Founder and CEO at Stag

Hello Sally. I’m RB, co-founder and CEO of Stage 32. As an actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges all creative people face when it comes to finding work and getting attention for their projects. That’s why we created Stage 32. Since launching in September 2011, the community has grown to over 200,000 members in over 180 countries, making Stage 32 a unique social network of the world’s most creative minds. This is a network built for you.

As with most things in life, the more involved you are, the greater the rewards. We ask all new members to retweet it and invite at least 5 other creators and spread the word about Stage 32 through other social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also invite other creators through the website using the “Send Stage 32 Invite…” button in the upper right corner of your profile. The more creative people, the stronger the network. The stronger the network, the more possibilities there are. Thank you for joining the sport and being part of this most talented and inspiring community.

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